Gingembre (antioxydant, aphrodisiaque, nausée)
  • Gingembre (antioxydant, aphrodisiaque, nausée)
  • Gingembre (antioxydant, aphrodisiaque, nausée)

Ginger ( antioxidant , aphrodisiac , nausea)


Ginger is Attributed Many medicinal qualities. 

It is first Known to aid digestion. 


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English name: Ginger or Zingiber



Ginger is Primarily Known for icts aphrodisiac qualities


For more than 6,000 years in Asia (India, China), the ginger rhizomes are used for the treatment of stomach pain and nausea.


They are Also Known for icts culinary uses.


Arab merchants-have long Practiced the trade of "white spice" between South Asia and Greece or the Roman Empire, selon the times.


Ginger is Attributed Many medicinal qualities.


It is first Known to aid digestion.


Studies-have shown aussi . That It Would Be effective in the fight against sickness and nausea and vomiting associated against pregnancy with


In addition, antioxidant compounds icts Could help prevent prevention heart disease and Some cancers.


Use for:


- Facilitate disgestion


- Fight against motion sickness, nausea and vomiting


- Recognized as a Powerful aphrodisiac


- Combating cardiovascular diseases


- To lower cholesterol and blood triglycerides


- Use aussi have antioxidant




3 times a day - 2 ginger capsules After Each hand meal.



- Respect dosage


- The abuse causes heartburn and Would hemorrhoidal inflammation .

 Ingredients Each capsule in:

 Ginger 370 mg of 100% natural


 - New - sealed original packaging

 - Each box contains 100 capsules

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 The delivery time Departing from the post office in Thailand is entre 9 and 20 working days.

This product is legal to sell worldwide.


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