Flacon aux herbes décongestionnantes
  • Flacon aux herbes décongestionnantes
  • Flacon aux herbes décongestionnantes

Herbal bottle with exotic scents


This delicious blend of decongestant herbs from exotic tropical plants that you can inhale at any time will delight you in case of headaches or colds and the passage of smelly places.



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Herbal bottle with exotic scents


But what is sniffer?

Today, it seems to inhale .... Remember that at the turn of the century our grandparents and great grandparents snuffed out tobacco. This is the beginning of history; sailors reported this from their journey in the early fifteenth century, during the many expeditions to the new world, these adventurers brought back crushed tobacco into fine flavored powder that they consumed by inhalation. At the time, this potion was considered a medicine.

 Why inhale this potion: 

This is no longer tobacco, but time does not change it; find the pleasure of the sailors who were drunk with herbs flavored. Today, no need to go to the other side of the world, you will be able to sniff at home a delicious mix of natural Thai herbs that will help you unclog your nostrils and improve your breathing. 

Manual : 

Take a deep breath by inhaling the scents of the bottle, nostril after nostril, and you will feel the exotic perfumes invade you, the different herbs concentrated in this bottle are 100% natural. This will clear your nose and bronchi, your breathing will be easier, your blood circulation will be more active and you will have a sense of relaxation. May be used for migraines as well.

 Conditioning : 

Small hermetic plastic container for keeping herbs and perfumes. These thai herbs are surrounded by a small net in order to lose none during inhalation. Nine Hermetic


 Total weight 20 gr 

Volume and delivery time

Unlimited quantity - the delivery time from the Thai post office varies between 10 and 20 working days following the destinations.


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