Arcangelisia Flava - Berbérine
  • Arcangelisia Flava - Berbérine
  • Arcangelisia Flava - Berbérine

Arcangelisia Flava - Berbérine


Arcangelisia Flava has under gone tests for its efficacy in breast cancer treatment or

used in the treatment of irregular menstruation (periods)


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Common name: Berberine - Berberin

Latin name: Arcangelisia flava

Thai names: Kaminkur or Khamin Khruea

Other names:

Yellow-Fruit Moonseed, Arcangelisia flava, Kaminkur, Abustra, Arcangelisia lemniscata, Greater Cardamom, Khamin Khruea, Khaminkhruea

Although principally used in the treatment of irregular menstruation (periods), Arcangelisia Flava has undergone tests for its efficacy in breast cancer treatment. All extracts have been assessed for antioxidant activity against DPPH (1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl) radical and cytotoxic activity against human cancer cell line MCF-7 (breast adenocarcinoma). Extracts showed pronounced cytotoxic effects on the MCF-7 cells with LC50 and IC50 values of 210-278 and 8-12 μg/ml, respectively. Although research is in its early stages, Arcangelisia Flava shows great promise in the prevention and treatment of certain breast cancers. 

2 capsules to be taken each time, three times a day, after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bottle contains enough for 16 days.

All natural product. No added chemicals.

We believe strongly in the efficacy of natural remedies to maintain the body's balance. Herbal remedies are steeped in history, and sometimes in myth. And many products are sold on the premise that they may help certain conditions. We try to restrict our recommendations to those that have good, recently researched, basis in fact. In addition to the use of any product, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating fresh fruit and vegetables every day, drinking plenty of water, and undertaking good aerobic exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. If you are taking any medication, we strongly suggest you consult your medical practitioner before adding any new oral remedy, herbal or otherwise.


  The capsules are contained in a hermetically sealed box to maintain the quality as safely as possible.

Product in original packaging

 Each bottle contains 100 capsules

 Delivery time:

 Sending quickly and neatly from the post office in Thailand, allow between 10 and 20 working days.

This is a natural herbal product that can be sold worldwide without medical prescription.



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