Sifflet à bille ou à roulette
  • Sifflet à bille ou à roulette

Whistle with ball or roller


3 Plastic ball whistles.

Useful for guards, supervisors, police, hunters, referees, hikers, orchestras and dance schools.


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Ball or roller whistle 

The ball or roll whistle is a small wind instrument with which it is easy to produce a shrill sound audible from far away and equivalent to a strong signal. Also used as instrument of musical direction to give the rhythm in the schools of dance, samba. It is the indispensable accessory of hikers. Its powerful sound level allows it to be heard in very noisy environments. 

Use : 

In the sports field, for arbitration. By the police, to be understood and heard by road users By the beach monitoring services, for the reminders to the order For the training of animals For hunting parties, in order to mark themselves in the woods In case of distress, even if you do not have the network, the whistle will be of great help to you For hiking in the forest, or any outdoor activity Can be used as a key ring thanks to its metal buckle provided with. By children as toys For the safety of children, in the event of an error in order to indicate their presence 

WARNING: Do not allow children under 5 years.

 The 7 advantages of the whistle: 

1. A whistle is used to transmit a clear distress signal

2. The sound of a whistle is powerful and can be heard from a distance. 

3. Using a whistle requires little effort. In a situation of distress, you may be tired or hurt. Blowing in a whistle is much easier than screaming. 

4. A whistle is not expensive - a few euros. Some whistles are even directly integrated into the backpacks 

5. A whistle does not weigh heavily - a few grams. 

6. A whistle does not take up space. 

7. A whistle works very well even if you do not have a network. It is an indispensable complement to a mobile phone How many whistles in case of distress?

The international distress signal is: 3 or 6 whistles followed by about one minute pause, repeated until a response is received. 


Water resistant plastic whistle and ball. 

Conditioning :

Pack of 3 whistles - new items in original packaging - color according to arrivals (In general, blue, white AND red) 

Delivery : 

Package from Thailand to the Post Office - Please allow 10-20 business days for destination addresses.

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