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MUD SPA facial scrub mask

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Natural ground facial scrub mask (MUD SPA)


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Product Description :


    Item Type: Face Mask

    Function: Cleansing of skin, blackheads and acne

    Mask type: Scrub mask

    Features: Cleans imperfections, firming, purifying pores

    Quantity: powder extracted from natural product 20 gr


    Origin: Thailand

    Names used: Mud SPA, mud bath, natural earth.


 Where did this idea of ​​mud baths come from?


Many spa and health centers offer this treatment in the form of "mud therapy".

 One of the oldest forms of healing technique that dates back hundreds of years is the mud bath. There is a concept of naturopath that involves the application of mud mixed with water on the body in order to rid it of health problems. Mud is believed to have healing powers that can restore balance to the body by removing accumulated toxins. The mud is made up entirely of organic substances that have absolutely no side effects on the body.

 The healing properties of mud were known by our ancestors. In fact, the mud bath was practiced by the wealthy ancient Greeks.


How to use our mask?

1) Wash your face with warm water. The heat of the water expands the pores, so it is advisable to use the mask after cleaning your face with hot water, which will maximize the effectiveness of the product.

 2) Apply a thick and uniform layer of the mask on your face. Avoid the eye area, eyebrows, hair and lips.

 3) Relax and allow the mask to dry for about 30 minutes.

 4) When the mask is dry, start to remove it gently. Depending on the product, you can remove it all at once or piece by piece.

 5) Alternate the scrubs with the different natural products offered


What are the benefits of the earth mask?


The exfoliating and purifying mask from natural earth deeply cleanses, eliminates dead cells, detoxifies and perfectly illuminates the complexion of combination or oily skin.

 It promotes cell regeneration. It makes the skin smooth. It contains antioxidants and has anti-aging properties. The skin is protected against environmental pollution. It purifies the skin. The anti-inflammatory benefits of these natural products help prevent blackheads and blemishes.


Conditioning :

  -1 pack of 20 gr of 100% MUD SPA (brand BIO WAY, TANYAPORN or others….)

 -   non-contractual photo -

  - airtight packaging - new - never used -


 Delivery time :


Fast and careful sending from Thailand, allow between 7 and 20 days delay by post depending on the destinations.


                                                             This is a natural herbal product not prescribed by a doctor


                                                                                This product can be sold worldwide


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