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waterproof travel bag


Waterproof travel bag very practical for going out to sea, hiking, camping and doing all water sports. Very useful to keep dry its electronic equipment such as camera, telephone, watch and other accessories.

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Presentation : 

This waterproof bag that you can choose the size and color will be useful for traveling, camping, hiking or for a boat trip, rafting, sailing and any outdoor activity. Very practical to keep all sensitive documents such as passport, checkbook, identity card, camera and telephone protected from rain and water in general. Finally a useful bag to keep clothes dry, food or sensitive products.  


   Flexible, flexible PVC fabric with a waterproof roll-top closure.     The technique of double seams makes it airtight and waterproof. It can be compressed, and can be used as a lifeline.    Delivered with buckle and hook clasp, easy to hang from backpack or other bags. It can be worn as a normal bag. The closure is done by folding on the upper part on 3 turns  

  7 different sizes to choose from: 3L - 5L - 8L - 10L - 15L - 20L -30L   

 Regarding the colors, Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink    

New equipment Example of characteristics for an average bag of 20 L        

Weight: 374g       

Size: 49.5cm (Include Buckle!) / 36cm       

Low Diameter: 20cm       

Height: 58.5cm

 Delivery time :

 Quick and careful delivery by the Thai Post, the delay varies between 10 and 20 working days following the address of destinations.

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