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Eucalyptus oil

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Eucalyptus oil is recommended to treat, colds, respiratory diseases or to calm cough. With inhaler by fumigation or under in the bronchi.


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Eucalyptus oil represented by a Kangaroo holding a sheet of Eucalyptus was manufactured by BRAND thanks to an elaborate double distillation system.

It is especially recommended by herbalists and ear, nose and throat specialists for its beneficial properties on the airways.

Main indications:

This oil is recommended for treatment, colds, respiratory diseases or to calm cough.

With inhaler by fumigation or under in the bronchi.


Eucalyptus essential oil


Mix a bit of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of very hot water, not boiling, and inhale the fumes.

1-3 inhalations per day by the condition of the person.

Can be applied easily on a breathing mask or a handkerchief, you pour a few drops of mixture you put near the nose to facilitate breathing or to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Or simply rubbed on the chest, back and / or neck.


Should not be used on children under 12 or people with a history of seizures.

Do not apply to wounds or on areas with eczema.

In pregnancy, it is best not to use this oil, also during lactation, adverse effects could pass into the milk, and it is not possible to assess the degree of potential toxicity in infants.


Eucalyptus oil comes in 8,5cc bottle.

Nice original packaging

Storage 12 to 24 months

Volume and delivery times:

Unlimited number depending on the order.

The delivery time departing from the post office in Thailand is between 9 and 20 working days.

It is a herbal product that does not contain components that require a prescription. This product is legal to sell worldwide.

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