Huile essentielle pure de menthe sauvage
  • Huile essentielle pure de menthe sauvage

Pure essential oil of wild mint in 10 ml


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Pure wild mint essential oil

This oil is ideal for diffusion, to reinvigorate the body and the spirit. It is also an oil used for its cooling power and to help calm the itching.

Both refreshing and analgesic, mint essential oil is a pain reliever and anti-fatigue.
It restores energy by its tonic action and fights against perspiration.


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Pure wild mint essential oil

 Latin name: Mentha Piperita

 Common name: Wild mint

 Part of the Plant used: fruit

 Country: Thailand




     Tonic and stimulating digestive, pancreatic and nervous

    Anesthetic and analgesic, calms itching.


    Anti catarrhal, expectorant, mucolytic

    Nasal decongestant, frees the respiratory sphere

    Promotes good liver and prostate function

    Studies show its bactericidal and fungicidal action

    Intestinal and urinary anti-inflammatory

    Emmenagogue, she promotes menstruation.



 In addition to treatments, it is traditionally used in the following cases:

     Hepatopancreatic insufficiency

    Indigestion, dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting, flatulence

    Motion sickness, dizziness

    Neuralgia, arthritis, rheumatism, tendonitis, migraines, headache

    Shingles, herpes, viral neuritis

    Rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis

    Discomfort of the urogenital tract

    Pruritus (hives, eczema, chickenpox)




       Ideal in case of stuffy nose, the essential oil of mentha piperita will help you fight against sinusitis and rhinitis.

       If you suffer from migraines, you can diffuse 6 or 7 drops of PE peppermint once or twice a day.

       Mint essential oil can also refresh heavy and stiff legs

       This essential oil is particularly recommended in case of loss of tone and general fatigue. It can give a boost to the body but also to the mind where, in this case, it will promote concentration and help to have clearer ideas Always dilute before use.

Add 5 drops of essential oil to 10ml of base oil.

Caution :

 If you are using this HE for the first time, it is best to do an allergy test by putting a drop in the crease of the elbow diluted in 2, 3 drops of vegetable oil and waiting 48 hours to see if you have a reaction. .

 Pregnant women should not use this essential oil while breastfeeding.

 Keep away from children.

Avoid contact with the eyes.

Do not swallow.

  Conditioning :

  1 bottle of essential oil of 10 ml

Delivery :

  Parcels sent within 24 hours, the post time being variable between 10 and 20 working days depending on the destinations.


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