Huile essentielle pure de pin
  • Huile essentielle pure de pin

Pure Pine Essential Oil in 10 ml


Pine essential oil:

With its fresh scent of forest and pine sap, this oil is perfect for diffusion in a bedroom or living room.  it invigorates the body and stimulates the mind. It is also known to clear the airways.


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Pure pine essential oil

 Latin name: Pinus sylvestris

 Common name: Scots pine

 Part used: needle

 Country: Austria and Bulgaria



    Medium antibacterial

    skin pain reliever

    powerful tonic


    lymphatic and ovarian decongestant

    respiratory antiseptic






 Scots pine essential oil is mainly known for its expectorant and anti-infectious properties of the respiratory tract. It relieves coughs, softens the respiratory tract and helps to treat respiratory infections such as bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, colds, pneumonia, asthma .... It thins bronchial secretions.

 It is also an excellent tonic that fights against physical or mental fatigue by stimulating the adrenal and thyroid glands.

 Its properties also allow it to be used to relieve allergic crises or inflammatory pain. It is particularly effective for calming rheumatic pain, arthritis or polyarthritis, but also sciatica or lumbago.

 Its decongestant properties fight against constipation and facilitate digestion.

 Finally, its hypertensive properties combat hypotension.

Massage with essential oil of Scots pine:

Intense fatigue and weak immune defenses:


Prepare an invigorating, fortifying and energizing massage oil: Dilute in 50 ml of vegetable oil of safflower, black cumin, sweet almond, macadamia, add 10 drops of peppermint essential oil + 10 drops of Scots pine liver + 10 drops of basil essential oil + 20 drops of ravintsara cheese. Massage your lower back twice a day for 10 days. Ideal during convalescence.

Scots pine essential oil diffusing into the air:

Recipe for mites preparation with Scots pine essential oil.


Prepare in a 100 ml bottle equipped with a sprayer a mixture composed of 30 drops of Scots pine essential oil + 30 drops of lemongrass essential oil + 50 drops of tea tree he + 30 drops of grapefruit cheese + 20 drops of cinnamon essential oil from China + 35 drops of globular eucalyptus essential oil Complete with approximately 90 ml of pharmacy alcohol (70 °). Spray the areas to be treated (carpet, floor, sofas, curtains ... etc).


Purify the air in your living rooms:

To sanitize your rooms during epidemic spikes, against viruses, against ambient pollution: Prepare 1 mixture composed of 2 ml of Scots pine essential oil + 2 ml of grapefruit he + 2 ml of essential oil of lavender + 2 ml of eucalyptus radiate (or globose) he + 2 ml of lemongrass he + 2 ml of tea tree + 2 ml of cinnamon. Spread 6 to 8 drops of your mixture twice a week (every day during an epidemic).

Also ventilate at least 1 hour per day all your rooms by opening the windows.

Conditioning :

 1 bottle of essential oil of 10 ml

Delivery :

 Parcels sent within 24 hours, the post time being variable between 10 and 20 working days depending on the destinations.



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