Huile essentielle pure de rose
  • Huile essentielle pure de rose

Rose essential oil 10 ml


Rose essential oil

Characteristic due to its odor. It is sought after for making cosmetics and for its virtues on well-being and health.


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Rose essential oil


Common name: Multiflower rose

Latin name: Rosa multiflora

Botanical family: Rosaceae

Distilled part: Flowers

Origin: Thailand




Rose essential oil is highly sought after for its many softening, purifying, revitalizing, regenerating and healing, firming and aphrodisiac properties.

 It remains expensive to produce since it takes a ton of flowers to produce 100 grams of essential oil.

 Its precious character is also due to its artisanal confection according to a unique process. Indeed, it is extracted from the petals of different types of roses by hydro distillation.




Its very pleasant perfume leaves it a place of choice in the confection of cosmetics and perfumes. Its toning and purifying properties make it the ideal ally in facial care routines, ideal against dry and dehydrated skin and to treat scars.

 In the field of health, its invigorating and antiseptic properties make it the essential remedy against sore throats such as acute and chronic coughs, asthma, mouth ulcers, gingivitis and digestive disorders.

 It can be used as a gargle or inhaled depending on the problem encountered.

 Rose essential oil is widely used in perfumery for its powerful, intoxicating and persistent odor. It is an oil of well-being, tranquility and pleasure for the senses. It is suitable for all skin types. We recognize healing and anti-aging skin virtues. It has an aphrodisiac action and promotes balance and sensuality.



 The ways of using essential oils are rich and varied:

 Health, aromatherapy, well-being, cosmetics, perfumes, sanitation or even in household products.

 In the field of health, its antiseptic properties make it the essential remedy against sore throats, asthma, mouth ulcers, gingivitis and digestive disorders. (in olfaction)

 Used in aromatherapy, all its benefits are multiplied when used with diffusers. Put a few drops of essential oil in an electric diffuser (nebulization, water vapor, ultrasound, etc.). The number of drops depends on the capacity of the tank.

The diffusion time for this type of device should not exceed 30 minutes for large rooms and 15 minutes for bedrooms to avoid saturation in the air of aromatic molecules.

 In cosmetics, its floral fragrance leaves it an important place in the manufacture of revitalizing, regenerating, healing, and firming creams. These creams are recommended for facial care, dry and dehydrated skin, in case of acne, scars,

 In perfumery, highly sought after for its intoxicating and powerful odor, the rose is found in many very well-known perfumes.

 It is also a wellness oil, to treat certain symptoms thanks to its neurotonic, soothing and sexual stimulant properties:

  anxiety, anxiety, latent depression, strong emotions, femininity to find, frigidity, nervousness, stress, overwork.


 Usage precaution:

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not administer to children under 3 years of age.

Not recommended in case of pregnancy.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous.

Mandatory dilution because of the risk of skin irritation.


Conditioning :

 1 hermetically closed smoked glass bottle to preserve the benefits of 100% natural essential oils.

capacity 10 ml of essential oil.


 Delivery :

  Parcels sent within 24 hours, the post time being variable between 9 and 20 working days depending on the destinations.


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