Poster réflexologie de la face N° 5
  • Poster réflexologie de la face N° 5
  • Poster réflexologie de la face N° 5

FACE reflexology poster N° 5


(€28.00 3)

FACE reflexology poster indicates the main acupuncture points that correspond to a specific place 
on the human body on which you can act for the well-being and health of the person.


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Explanations in Thai and English

All parts of the face correspond to a specific place in the human body.

All the details on this color poster.

The 78 x 53 cm poster will be folded into a 21 x 29.7 envelope for convenience in shipping. If the order is for at least 3 posters, different or not, the shipment is made in a rigid plastic tube or the posters are rolled up.


Poster covered with fine plastic for color conservation and dust protection. It is drilled on top to facilitate attachment to the wall or other support.

Dimensions in centimeters: 78x53

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