Khun Sumrit Acacia Craibii pour Hommes
  • Khun Sumrit Acacia Craibii pour Hommes
  • Khun Sumrit Acacia Craibii pour Hommes

Khun Sumrit Acacia Craibii for men


Kumlang Chang Sarn (Power of Elephants) is a Thai herb for people who feel tired and need a boost to regain power and manhood.


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Khun Sumrit Acacia Craibii for Men


Family: Fabaceae

 Genus: Acacia

 Species: Acacia craibii

 Common name: Acacia craibii I.C. Nielsen

 Thai name: Kumlang Chang Sarn (translation power of the elephant)




An endemic plant species found only in Thailand in Kanchanaburi province.

 Kumlang Chang Sarn (power of the elephants) is a Thai herb for men. It is a nourishing natural plant known by the Thai people which helps delay premature aging. It is a plant known here for maintaining good health, especially in men to give them power.

Benefits of Acacia Craibii or Kumlang Chang Sarn:

 It helps increase muscle strength,

 Facilitates the circulation of blood in the arteries and veins,

 It increases blood flow in particular at the level of the penis, which gives it an extremely strong rigidity.

 It helps to effectively increase testosterone which is a male hormone secreted by the adrenal glands in humans.

 Stimuates the production of male hormones, helps nourish the body as a whole.

 It is an elixir of youth because it contains active ingredients similar to testosterone.

 It is an excellent aphrodisiac for men.



Testosterone levels decrease with age in the region of 1% per year from the age of 40. People after forty who have enough testosterone will see improved living conditions.

 If it is taken at a reasonable dose, and of course in case of deficit, we will quickly notice an improvement in mood, a less irritable character, and a disappearance of the depressive tendency if it had appeared. Muscle mass also reappears, but only if you exercise regularly. The percentage of body fat will decrease, including part of the abdominal fat.

 Regarding sexuality, the libido is more active, erections return, in frequency and quality, including nocturnal erections. All these effects will of course change the quality of life, not only on a personal level, but also in relationships, in the couple, in family and social life.




Closed box under flexible plastic

 Original new hermetic packaging

 60 capsules



Acacia Craibii (elephant power) 25 g,

 Betula Alnoides (power of the tiger) 10 g

 + other herbs from Thailand



 2 to 4 capsules at a time, 2 times a day, before morning and evening meals.


Delivery time :

 Fast and careful sending from Thailand, allow between 7 and 20 days delay depending on the destination.

                                              This is a natural herbal product not prescribed by a doctor

                                                                This product can be sold worldwide


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