12 branches head massager new model

16,00€ per 4

Masseur de tête  12 branches, très léger et facile d'utilisation vous fera ressentir des frissons dans toutes les parties du corps.

New product


New model consisting of 12 branches



This lightweight, easy-to-use head massager fits gently on the top of the skull from front to back and from right to left or in circular motion according to your choice.

The movement of the head masseur on the scalp is similar to 12 fine fingers taking care of you.


This model of head massager is an improved version. This new head massager is equipped with 12 branches: 6 large and 6 small. While the long branches touch the head in a classic way, the small branches will massage rather the top of the skull. Because of this, the effects are much more intense.


Its effectiveness is immediate to relax the muscles and the entire body. One way to stay ZEN. It is also used in case of headaches or migraine.


You can adapt it to any type of head and use it on other parts of the body like elbow or knee folded. The ideal is to pass this head masseur through another person while you are only thinking about breathing and relaxing.


Lightweight and easy to handle, this is a truly intense pleasure experience. The chills pass through the body through stimulation of the nerve endings located on the top of the skull or other parts of the body.




The materials used (brass, resin, aluminum) guarantee its strength and flexibility. You can adapt it to any type of head and use it on other parts of the body, for your pleasure.


Packaging and delivery:


 New equipment delivered in its packaging.


 composition: aluminum and vinyl in protection on the tips


Delivery times from Thailand vary from 9 to 20 business days depending on destination.