Hotta Original Ginger instant

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Hotta Ginger Original Instant 

Ginger gives the functions of the organism. Its active principles contribute to balance the metabolic and organic functions in a preventive way by bringing strength and vitality to the organism.


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Ginger is a species of plants with medicinal properties native to Asia. The rhizome is used in cooking and traditional medicine. This rhizome is recognized as a spice widely used in Asian cuisine. It is found in the West in the making of ginger all and desserts like gingerbread or in Chinese restaurants, often in confit. 

Ginger is recognized for:   

  Its anti-inflammatory action helps to cure the pain and symptoms of inflammatory rheumatism.    Fight against migraine    Relieves transport diseases in general.    Fighting morning sickness during pregnancy    Has a protective effect on the gastric mucosa    Fighting biliary and pancreatic insufficiency    Bring strength and vitality and contribute to well-being    Lowering cholesterol, blood triglyceride, fatty acid and phospholipid levels 


81% are composed of trace elements (iron, aluminum, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc), Ginger 8,03%, Sucrose 10,47%, Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Product 100% Natural (without additive, coloring or flavor enhancer).

Conditioning :

 HOTTA instant beverage with ginger is packaged in packs of 14 sachets Each pouch (total weight without packaging 250gr.)

Contains 14 sachets to be diluted in a hot drink (coffee, tea, water) New, hermetic and original packaging.

 Delivery time :

 Sending fast and neat from Thailand, allow between 7 and 20 days of delay according to the destinations. 

This is a natural product not prescribed by a doctor This product can be sold worldwide