Goji dried berries in bags 300 gr


These berries are soaked exceptional medicinal properties.

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Goji dried berries in bags 300 gr


Wolfberry or goji berries also called by the Chinese "Chinese Lycium" comes in the form of small orange or red berries and elongated shape.

These berries are soaked exceptional medicinal properties.

They are found in the shops welfare in the form of dried or juice. Its properties have been proven as a result of scientific research.

Medicinal properties:

Wolfberry is a super antioxidant, it gives it 18 kinds of amino acids, carotenoids, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E; 21 trace elements zinc, iron, copper, selenium and phosphorus.

This fruit could help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

It is also known to strengthen the immune system, he fights fatigue, hypertension, and problems of eye disorders.

It would also be an elixir of youth.


Sundried goji berries can be eaten at any time of the day as a special treat after meals.

You can also decorate your dessert with berries or use them to decorate a cake or ice cream.


Each package contains 300 grams sundried berry

Sealed and new packaging

This product is 100% natural, no added preservatives or other.

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This is a natural product not prescribed by doctor

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