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Senna Alexandrina (amaigrissante)
  • Senna Alexandrina (amaigrissante)

Senna Alexandrina (slimming)


Senna Alexandrina is used for people who want to lose weight and for constipation as a laxative.


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Senna Alexandrina


Do you want to feel good in your body?

Senna Alexandrina is used for people who want to lose weight and for constipation as a laxative.

It is also the main ingredient found in most weight loss teas. This plant promotes intestinal transit and the fact, helps burn calories that can be absorbed at meals. This product is very popular among people who are overweight. It helps to reduce the size.


- Advices to people who want to lose weight and mainly at the lap belt.


- It can be dangerous in overdose, observe the dosage.


- 2 capsules of SENNA ALEXANDRINA the evening before going to bed.

Ingredients in each capsule:



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This is a natural product not prescribed by doctor

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