Savon Secret PINK LADY « Made in Thaïlande » 30 g
  • Savon Secret PINK LADY « Made in Thaïlande » 30 g
  • Savon Secret PINK LADY « Made in Thaïlande » 30 g

PINK LADY Secret Soap "Made in Thailand" 30 g

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PINK LADY Secret Soap "Made in Thailand" for the hygiene of intimate areas in women


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Secret Lady Rose Soap "Made in Thailand"
The secret of girls in Thailand, the "PINK LADY" soap
It stings, itches, itches, and it often falls at the wrong time. These unpleasant, unpleasant sensations are very irritating.
What are the main reasons?
 Itching in the private parts, also called vulvar pruritus, is very common. In fact, almost one in five women will experience intimate irritation1 for more than 3 months during their lifetime. The intimate area is characterized by a variety of different skins: some with hair, others without, the entrance to the vagina does not even have the upper protective layer found on the skin, so it is a mucous membrane which is even more sensitive. The intimate area can therefore be irritated quite easily…
 Allergy or contact irritation
 Have you changed brand of panty liner or detergent recently? It may be the cause of the redness and itching that you have. It sometimes takes a few days of contact for irritation to develop, so if you've changed your habits in the past few days, switch to another product to make sure your new underwear isn't causing your irritation.
Pubic lice
 Let’s also be crabs! We reassure you right away, having no sign of poor hygiene, because pubic lice cling very well to the skin with its claws (this small microscopic insect looks like a crab). It is transmitted by direct contact with an infected person, but also through sheets, towels or used clothing (be careful during swimsuit tests! Always keep your underwear).
 Symptoms are itching (even stronger at night) caused by bites, signaled red then gray-blue.
 It is very simple to get rid: one or two applications of a shampoo prescribed by your doctor sufficient. To avoid recurrence, it is important to inform your recent sexual partners and to clean your literature and your underwear at 90 ° C.
Vaginal yeast infection
 A vaginal yeast infection is very often caused by a fungus: Candida albicans. This microscopic fungus is naturally part of the vaginal flora, this small world of bacteria and yeasts that colonize the vagina and allow it to be healthy. But sometimes, too aggressive antibiotic treatment or intimate hygiene can disturb the vaginal flora and then the Candida albicans overgrows too much, which causes itching and white vaginal discharge without odor.
 To relieve these symptoms, local antifungals are available without a prescription in pharmacies, which can be useful if you know you are prone to recurrent yeast infections. However, only a doctor can confirm with certainty that you are suffering from a yeast infection and possibly take a sample to identify the precise germ and the most suitable treatment.
 Vaginal dryness
 Vaginal dryness, which causes irritation and oaks rather than itching, is common in postmenopausal women, but menopause is not the only cause of vaginal dryness. Intensive hygiene that is too aggressive, following pregnancy or because of taking certain medications (antidepressants, antihistamines, etc.), vaginal dryness may appear. In fact, almost 55% of women suffering during their lifetime!

Description "PINK LADY" Secret Soap:
 It is a pink hygienic soap specially designed for perfect hygiene of female private parts.
Benefits of “PINK LADY” soap:
 ++ Helps reduce unwanted odors
++ Helps reduce itching.
++ Helps reduce vaginal discharge.
++ Kills bacteria.
++ Has the same effects as an anti-inflammatory.
++ Has a sweet rose scent, 100% natural herbs
Use :
 Used as a cleansing soap when you shower in the morning and evening to reduce the buildup of germs which is one of the main factors in vaginal discharge. It fights the itching caused by accumulated germs.
Main components:
This soap is based on 100% natural herbal and repairing herbs (centella asiatica, centhoteca lappaeca, Tanaka extract) honey extract, B vitamins, nourishing oils.
Conditioning :
 -Pack of 3 PINK LADY soaps secret soap
- New and airtight packaging in a blister. ( see the pictures)
- No expiration date.
Delivery time :
Fast and careful sending made by post from Thailand, delivery times are between 9 and 20 working days depending on the destination.
                                                                    IT IS A NATURAL PRODUCT NOT PRESCRIBED BY PHYSICIAN.
                                                                         THIS PRODUCT IS LEGAL TO BE SOLD WORLDWIDE


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