Kit Confort Sommeil 4 en 1
  • Kit Confort Sommeil 4 en 1
  • Kit Confort Sommeil 4 en 1

4 in 1 Sleep Comfort Kit


4 in 1 Sleep Comfort Kit for quiet travel


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4 in 1 Sleep Comfort Kit



 By plane, boat, train or even by car, we would like to be able to take advantage of the transport time to rest a little ... Unfortunately, the environment is often noisy and not everyone can fall asleep too easily by sitting on a seat.

The sleep kit has been specially designed to help travelers get to sleep thanks to its inflatable neck pillow, night mask and earplugs.



 1 / Neck pillow that you will inflate according to your wishes and which will easily adapt to your ergonomics and the location of your head. This pillow can also relieve your back if you put it behind your spine to have a different position on the seat. It has the advantage of being able to deflate and takes up very little space in your bag. It is easy to use and very light.


2 / Night mask that will cover your eyes and will block the day thanks to its ergonomics and its elastic support. Very light and very useful in case of long travel or jet lag.


    3D Sleep Mask: made of high quality polyester, extremely skin-friendly, size: 19 * 8.5cm

    Comfortable and soft: unique contoured feature, no pressure on your eyes, soft and secure, you will sleep comfortably

    STOP LIGHT: a light and breathable material allows you to release stress from your face and fall asleep quickly

    WIDE: your eyes will be covered wherever you are for travel, work, party, meetings, lunch break and nighttime sleep.


3 / Ear plugs that will put you in your bubble so as not to be disturbed by irritating noises from the neighborhood or from the air conditioning. His ear plugs are connected with a cord to avoid losing them.


     Made of soft fir-shaped silicone to provide you with the best hearing protection.
    Designed not to injure the ear canal
    They are stored in a rigid plastic case for easy transport, security and portability
    They are connected by a light cord which avoids losing them during sleep
    They can be used as noise canceling (28 decibels), for swimming, traveling or sleeping.
4 / Small pouch in colored fabrics to gather and protect everything and not lose part of your belongings (free pouch and offered with the sleep kit)
 1 Complete kit including:
 1 neck pillow
 1 night mask
 1 set of earplugs
 1 pocket in typical Thai fabric
 Fast and neat shipping from Thailand. Allow between 10 and 20 working days depending on the destinations to receive your package.


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