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Paréo de voyage

Sarong Useful and Essential Accessory for Travel

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Travel Pareo

The essential accessory for travelers who want to leave light and who will not miss anything!

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  • Ibiscus blanc sur fond noir
  • peau de leopard
  • couleur style RASTA
  • Couleur verte sur fond noir
  • Couleur rose sur fond noir
  • Couleur violette sur fond noir
  • Fleurs bleues sur fond orangé
  • Fleurs jaunes sur fond noir
  • Rose et vert style RASTA
  • Ibiscus rouge, rose et orange sur fond rosé

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The Travel Sarong

If there is an essential accessory, it is the pareo!

We can also call it scarf, loincloth, sarong, scarf, depending on the country and region, it will have a different name.

The idea is to have a large square of fabric that will have many functions to help you travel in peace. The pareo is much better than the beach towel, it is much lighter, less bulky and dries much faster. It can also be used as a light cover in transport. It can be a scarf if it's cold, headscarf to visit religious places.

And of course a dress or skirt to come back from the beach while remaining sexy while revealing her long tanned legs. Why should you never travel without a sarong? With your pareo, you will never be caught off guard, because it turns out to be a real multi-use accessory. In short, a small piece of fabric that takes up little space, is light and does a lot of service.   

15 uses of the travel pareo:  

Clothing (skirt, dress, out of bed or bath, shower ...):

 It can be used as a small, light skirt, top, blouse, dress or shawl to protect yourself from the thrill of the evening. You just have to play a bit with your pareo to be able to combine it endlessly as you wish!

Entrance to sacred places:

Who has never been refused entry to a temple, mosque or church because they were not properly dressed?

In general, tank tops, short skirts, shorts are banned in these sacred places. You can even cover your head and shoulder in temples.  

Beach or pool towel to lay on the floor:

You have a sudden urge to bathe, if you have your pareo, you need nothing else to be able to enjoy the pleasures of swimming. The pareo can also be used on hot sand, to dry yourself out of the water.


You spread your sarong on the grass and all your picnic stuff. Once finished, you shake the pareo, you fold it up to put it in your bag and enjoy!



The pareo can also protect you on the beach, or when hiking under a blazing sun. You fear for your skin or you forgot to take a hat to avoid sunstroke, the solution is there. You hold the pareo at arm's length above your head or you completely cover your head and shoulders with it.




You have a doubt about the cleanliness of the place, it can serve as a night sheet, protection on the mattress or to roll up in it. The pareo will cover you lightly.


Screen or extra curtain:


Do you sleep in a dorm? Are you trying to change your clothes discreetly on the beach? Would you like a little more privacy?


Your pareo can serve as a partition, delimiting your private space. You want to change while avoiding prying eyes on the beach or out of the shower, the sarong is there, at your fingertips.




Is it too hot to put you under a duvet? Or don't you have a comforter on hand? These situations are particularly frequent in public transport, bus, plane, airports, train stations, etc. Here again, the solution is the pareo. With its large square of light fabric, you can cover yourself and sleep in peace.




Scarf to wear around your neck in case of too strong air conditioning or in case of sore throat. It can also be useful in case of injuries; it can serve as an emergency bandage.




Whether you are on the plane, on a bus or in a hotel room, the pareo can save you a stiff neck! Roll it up or slip clothes onto it to make a little extra pillow.


Bag of dirty laundry:

Are you starting to accumulate dirty laundry? Is it getting harder and harder to keep it away from your clean laundry, which you might contaminate? Use your sarong to create a separation between the two, or simply to make a canvas bag: put the fragrant linen on it, tie a knot, and enjoy
The pareo can take any form and can serve as a tote. By folding it and tying it with skill, you can make yourself a little extra bag.
Local color :
The pareo also makes it possible to respect the local culture in certain countries where women wear the veil. For example, in India, you will more easily enter the temples with your head and shoulders covered with local colors, you can go unnoticed.
Baby carrier :
Finally, the last sarong tip: use it to make a baby carrier in kangaroo mode! Reserved for people who can knot.
Mosquito repellent :
You find yourself in a place infested with mosquitoes, the sarong can cover you or your legs or shoulders to avoid mosquito bites.
 So don't forget your sarong while traveling, it will be of great help in all circumstances!
Conditioning :
1 light pareo with 140 x 100 cm patterns of your choice
Delivery time :
Fast and neat shipment from Thailand. Allow between 10 and 20 working days depending on the destination.


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