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Set de trois bougeoirs en bois exotique
  • Set de trois bougeoirs en bois exotique

Set of three candleholders in exotic wood "decor leaves"

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Set of 3 decorative candlesticks  handmade in Thailand (decor foliage)


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 The candle holders are rechargeable at will with decorative candles in foliage or standard dishwasher.

These candlesticks are decorated with hand-carved motifs and are then varnished, the support is dark brown.

Sculptures reveal the clear color of the exotic wood. These nesting candlesticks are in three parts usable alone each independently of the others and insertable one under the others. 

On each of them, original sculptures manually engraved in the wood, these patterns are unique (foliage decor) but sometimes resembling and therefore are withdrawn from sale after your purchase.Each candleholder has its candle also carved in the shape of lotus flower.

Use :

 Used for shop decoration, shop window decoration, massage parlor or even your interior decoration. 

Illuminate your day with candles 

All occasions are good to create a warm atmosphere in your home, regardless of time or day. With this set of three candle holders, you can sift the lights as you want and create an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation. 


 Total height 10 cm, width 6,5 cm, length to the foot 20 cm, weight of the candleholders included: 500 gr

approximately Advice: 

We advise you to put a standard candle of heating type flat when you wish to light them in order to keep the candles carved in blossom for the déco exteinte.   

As a gift: 

you receive a complete set of decorative candles as you see them in the photo

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