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  • support bougie en bois exotique

Set of 3 hand-painted exotic wooden candlesticks


3 lovely ball-shaped candles in exotic wood, hand painted and decorated with flowers, they are intended to receive a standard round candle;



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The 3 exotic wooden balls serve as a candle holder. They are 7 cm in diameter and are decorated by hand. (Hand Painted Pink Floral Decoration)


Warning: There is only one copy, will be removed from the sale after your purchase.


This set of three exotic wooden candlesticks, very decorative, will find its place in your home interior.


We recommend that you put a standard "flat heater" type candle when you want to light them in order to keep the candles carved in blossom for decoration extinguished.




Use :


Used for shop decoration, shop window decoration, massage parlor or even your interior decoration.


Illuminate your day with candles


All occasions are good to create a warm atmosphere in your home, regardless of time or day. With this set of three candle holders, you can sift the lights as you want and create an atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation.


It is a handicraft product from northern Thailand and more precisely from the CHIANG MAI region.


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