Schefflera leucantha

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Schefflera Leucantha is used to relieve cough, asthma and seasonal allergies. The Schefflera leucantha, is a plant that grows in Thailand and a few reach a height of 2m.

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Schefflera leucantha


The Schefflera leucantha, is a plant that grows in Thailand, she is known to fight against coughs, asthma, seasonal allergies, and chronic respiratory infections, it also promotes blood circulation.

Latin name: Schefflera Leucantha

Thai name: Hanuman Prasarngay

It is the leaves of this small shrub are harvested and then be conditioned by laboratories and put in capsules. The Schefflera leucantha is used to relieve coughs fight against asthma Seasonal allergies and chronic respiratory infections Analgesics Promote blood circulation


3 times daily 2 capsules Schefflera leucantha after each main meal.

Ingredients in each capsule:

- 340 mg Schefflera leucantha

- 100% natural -


- Nine

- Original sealed packaging

- Each box contains 100 capsules